The Food and Fun project was designed by the Harvard School of Public Health in conjunction with the YMCA. The project has been proven to be effective in encouraging kids to develop healthy lifestyles through physical activity and better nutrition. The pilot study was successfully done at various locations across the US. Although the original Food and Fun program was done in an after-school setting, the same project can be installed during in-school timings as well. The program emphasizes two main parts: 1) improving the amount of physical activity that kids get on a daily basis 2) improving health education regarding choices for nutrition.

Our organization aims to replicate this successful model by bringing the project to local Southern California elementary schools. Nora Sterry Elementary School is our community partner. We host some of the recess periods weekly at the school and focus on both physical activity and nutrition by encouraging fun kids games. We also discuss other public health topics beyond nutrition such as getting enough sleep, home dental care, and the importance of sun protection.

To expand upon this, we produce a newsletter twice a year that students can bring home to their parents with information they have learned and healthy lifestyle tips.


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[2] Food & Fun After School 2nd Edition was created by the Harvard School of Public Health Prevention Research Center on Nutrition and Physical Activity in collaboration with YMCA of the USA.