Promoting the positive physical, mental, and social well-being of individuals through organized project development.

Statement of Purpose:

  • The purpose of the Bruins Public Health Club is to cultivate interest in public health and provide various opportunities for community service through both local and international outreach.
  • The main goal of this club is to engage in projects that promote the maintenance and improvement of health for all members of society.
  • This can be accomplished in several different ways. The Bruins Public Health Club through collaboration with other organizations across Southern California will play an impactful role in maintaining community and environmental health.
  • Some of the group’s areas of focus include raising awareness regarding mental health, disease prevention, proper diet and nutrition, and various other topics in health education.
  • Members of the club will become familiar with a broad range of public health issues both on a community wide and international level while actively networking with public health professionals to help ameliorate common global health problems.
  • It is the organization’s objective to provide members with real-world experience regarding public health studies so that they may use the knowledge, skills, and leadership gained to make a valuable impact in their communities. 

Building the Future

What is the current status of health and welfare globally? There is a heavy burden of disease and malnutrition globally. Furthermore, many of the countries which are affected by this burden have financial constraints or are affected by war.

Tackling these major and global problems is an enormous task. However, solutions for these problems can be implemented through the cumulative efforts of local institutions, nonprofits, and governmental organizations. We hope that our projects and methodology can serve as a model to other organizations who are looking to make a difference in their community. Collectively our efforts can make a large impact.

Our Approach

We are currently working with second graders at a local elementary school through our Food & Fun Program to teach basic public health information to students and encourage an active lifestyle. We also bring in a variety of guest speakers who work in the field of public health to expose our members to health problems in our community and potential careers in public health. We have a mentorship program for new members and conduct debates about public health topics in meetings.